Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

This is a shout out to my Guardian Angel...

Today's post is brought to you by the Number 7, the Letter L, and my Guardian Angel.

As most of you know, we got absolutely BURIED with snow over here in the Boston area. This year I decided to stay ahead of the game (ie- save my back) and went out to clear the snow every few hours during the heaviest times it was falling. I ended up shoveling a total of 9 times between Friday evening and this morning, so mission accomplished. (And PS, keeping up with the snow meant I could keep my car in the driveway and not run the risk of getting attacked by unstable neighbors.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed the snow and ice were weighing down my little Japanese Maples, so I shoveled a path through my backyard to clear them off.

Well. After I dug the snow out from the base of each tree and removed the snow from the branches, I trudged back to the house. I'd decided I'd had enough of being in my wet clothes, so I went in through the back door, just in time to hear a loud crackling sound.

I turned around to watch this enormous pine tree branch land right where I'd been walking:

My jaw dropped open and I immediately said "thank you!" outloud. Not only did the 15 foot branch not land on me, it also steered clear of my house and fence. I just couldn't believe how it landed right on my little path.

So I guess this holiday season I can add "not getting clobbered by a tree branch" to my list of things I'm thankful for.


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