Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Diana Ross and the Steelers

I know I'm three days late in my Super Bowl aftermath commentary, but such is my life currently. As I mentioned the other day, I know nothing about football. So typically I watch the Super Bowl and end up noticing other random details, such as the players themselves.

Now I know Cher has reinvented herself about 67 times throughout her career. But I think Diana Ross takes the cake for the ultimate, extreme changeover... a Steeler!


On the commercial front, Pedigree was my favorite:

Except for one thing- while I agree with their assessment that people should get a dog over most other animals like wild boars and rhinos, they're wrong about ostriches! After all, I've come a long way since last year's introduction to Gizmo:

Gizmo & Me on New Year's Day

Gizmo in the middle of doing his 'dance'

Okay okay, I admit it took me about 45 minutes to muster up the courage for those photos! Plus I will never get in the pen with him because I'm terrified of his feet. From what I've read, ostriches can kill you with one kick. No thanks! I will love him from behind the fence.

And speaking of other fun animals, here I am with some of Gizmo's friends:

Mindy the Deer & Me

An adorable goat who's name I don't know, which makes me feel terrible because...

...clearly he liked me and showed it with a kiss!

And there you have it: another random, yet insightful update about "my world". Ha!



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