Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

First My Li'l Reminder, Listen Up & Snuggie... now Jesus?

That's right. In these tough times we've seen lots of items like the Snuggie, Clever Clasp, My Li'l Reminder, and Listen Up! turn to the Informercial Troupe when it comes to taking over their particular market. (And I begrudgingly admit that the most successful one to leverage them is the Snuggie)

So I suppose it makes sense that in our challenging economic climate, Jesus would do the same. Behold, the Prayer Cross:

At first this little TV tidbit of marketing almost slipped past me, but at the end I caught sight of the elderly couple who were made famous by "Listen Up!" and the elderly man solo in the "Snuggie" bit.

And it makes sense! Afterall, The Catholic Church has become rather unpopular these days, when typically in tougher times people usually turn to religion. Though I suppose they didn't help themselves in the public image department by condemning a 9 year old rape victim or stating that being "excessively wealthy" is a sin. (Which I think the Catholic Church will be first in line at the gates of Hell for violating a million times over, if that new "sin" were to be believed.)

So does the Prayer Cross have what it takes to become a craze like the Snuggie? I will venture to say it will take nothing short of a miracle. (ie- along the lines of Jesus walking on water while wearing a Prayer Cross and a Snuggie combined)



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