Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"I was just groped by Mr. Roper..."

Lately I've been traveling a lot for work. My trips are usually to NY or Cape Cod, but last week I flew out to Vegas with Deb for CTIA. We stayed at Planet Hollywood which was a huge improvement over where I had to stay for trips of (nightmarish) business past.

We enjoyed our stay, though I had to laugh because at one point we were in the elevator and I was trying to talk to Deb about a meeting. While we were traveling up to the room, the car stopped and this loud, obnoxious guy gets in, shouting to a quiet blond about her scouting for Miss Universe. I sighed, rolled my eyes, and tried to continue talking, but all the while Deb had this look on her face and her eyes kept darting back to Mr. Obnoxious.

We got off on our floor and I said, "God, why was he yelling?"

"Do you know who that was?" she asked.

"A rude asshole," I answered.

"That was Ty Pennington!" she exclaimed.

"Are you sure?" I asked. "It's too bad I didn't realize it, I could have told him to shut up by name."

Anyway, the trade show itself was great and on Friday Deb and I went to see Bette Midler. Excellent, excellent, excellent! We also saw the incredible Titanic Exhibit.

Now, typically people will say that the weirdest or craziest things they experience are when they're out and about in Vegas itself, not on the plane. But of course, this is me we are talking about so naturally I can't just fly home without incident.

Deb and I took the red eye home on Saturday night and after a three hour delay, we finally were on our way at 2:00 a.m. Our seating arrangement was as follows- Deb by the window, me in the middle and Mr. Roper's twin by the aisle.

I took a photo of him while he was asleep, but because my Treo is a piece of garbage, I couldn't get the photo out of the phone. So I took a picture of the phone:

See the resemblance?:

Anyway, about an hour into the flight Deb and I were watching King of the Hill on my lap top when I felt someone rubbing my back. I looked down and saw both of Deb's hands were in her lap. That meant only one thing.

I whipped my head around to my right and said, "Excuse me!"

Mr. Roper's eyes were half closed and he had a half smile on his face and continued rubbing my back.

"Hello?!" I raised my voice.

Mr. Roper promptly pulled his hand back and mumbled, "Sorry, I thought you were someone else."

I looked at Deb and said, "Wow, that's a first."

She looked at him and then said, "He was totally asleep!"

"Well," I said, "I was just groped by Mr. Roper."

We both burst out laughing. I have had people doze off and droop onto my shoulder from time to time, but then they jump and sit back in their seat. But a sensual back rub?

That's a new one.



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