Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

What a Difference 3 and a Half Years Makes...

It's been about forever since I've done a cat update, so today felt like a good day to post. Remember Ginny the feral Mom cat of Toby?

Well, as some of you might recall, Ginny integrated very well with everyone else and pretty much turned into a spoiled house cat. The only thing that didn't change was that everytime I tried to get near her, she raised her paw and looked at me as if to say, "B*tch, I'll cut you..."

So life went on... gradually over time Ginny started following a few of the other cats whenever they'd come running to me (namely Billy and Sadie), but she would sort of hang back and watch. About a year and a half ago I started getting a little braver and began petting Ginny's back while she was eating. Sometimes she'd tolerate it, other times she'd run away.

Over the last few months Ginny seems to have really come along. I had noticed that she would not only come running with the others, she started getting closer and would turn sideways, peeking at me. So I took the chance and slowly reached out to pet her back.

She didn't budge.

I was stunned and so I decided to keep going with it. Fast forward to this morning and we have this:

Ginny coming over when I called to her

Ginny loving the pets!

Ginny REALLY loving the pets!!

It's amazing to me... when she first arrived in March of '06 she was like a wild raccoon who *hated* me.

Now she takes treats from my hand and loves to be petted. (Though I'm not able to pick her up or anything... maybe in 3 years)

I'm glad I kept her. ^_^

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