Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

I Can See Your Camel Throw...

I warned the world about the horrifying marketing fleece job known as The Snuggie, but apparently my words of caution fell on deaf (cold) ears because not only has the Snuggie been a top-selling item, the Infomercial Troop is now hawking their latest monstrosity dubbed the "Designer Snuggie".

Claiming the makers have been getting asked with overwhelming regularity, "When are you gonna make one that's a little more stylish for me??", the Snuggie pushers are now peddling three news "styles":

Luxurious Leopard:

Stunning Zebra:

Classic Camel:


Naturally I took to the Internets to see how people have been responding to these new "fashion" Snuggies. A quick Google search immediately brought me to a site called Snuggie Sightings. Upon clicking the link, I was immediately greeted with a commercial for "Snuggie for Dogs":

Honestly, this is a bit much. Oh and in true Infomercial Troop fashion, they even advertise a dog version of My Lil' Reminder for free with purchase:

After I got over the over-priced, mini horse blanket knock-offs, I looked at the "Snuggie Sightings" images:

Observe this woman who used her Luxurious Leopard Snuggie to camouflage herself as a couch in order to ensnare her dog:

Eyes blacked out to protect the alleged

(Actually, she might be onto something... perhaps if I dressed as a couch I could make some headway with my remaining two ferals)

Even Oprah & Tyler Perry have tried to get in on the fad:

Look at the new low Oprah has stooped to... is this to help cover her self-shamed weight gain??

It became quite obvious within a few clicks that "Snuggie Sightings" are a part of Snuggie's marketing machine. Here's what they don't show... real, candid DesignerSnuggie sightings:

Okay, these aren't real. But they illustrate how ridiculous I think these things are rather nicely.



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