Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Four-Legged Visitors & Tiny Invaders

When we last visited Yardville, Liz fought with the Decktown Fountain (and won!), comforted a kitty statue with solar lights, and gave an old lawn mower away to Trash Vultures.

Let's see what's happened since then:

June 3- Oh my heavens! A handi-capable 4-legged spider has taken up residence in one of Decktown's flower boxes and it's being harrassed by a Hamburglar! Liz doesn't know what stunned her more- the fact that her seed carpets are actually growing (!!!) or that a spider can get around without half its legs. Now Liz feels semi-guilty because she purchased bug poison for Yardville, which is being overrun with spiders that are making their way into Spoiled Kitty Palace (aka- her house). Though if Gimpy the Spider stays in the flower boxes, it may have a chance...

June 4- Yardville is under attack! Well okay, no more than usual with the skunks, squirrels and pine tree debris. But while weeding plants in the back of Yardville, Liz discovered this tiny invader. Having no idea where he could have possibly come from, he was interrogated heavily by Yardville Officials. However, like a well-trained soldier, he remained silent. Even after water-torture, Yardville style (ie- an unintentional soaking with the hose while watering the lawn), he remained defiant. Liz admired his stoicism and decided to let him stay. Though if the 4 legged spider or anythng else gets a hold of him, Liz will not intervene. Consider yourself warned, brave warrior.

June 4- While watering Yardville and contending with the Tiny Invader, Liz discovered these purple flowers growing on the side near the pine trees! But the question is... what are they??


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