Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Wireless Office Entangles Kitty

One of the great things about running my own company is that when I feel like working in Decktown, I can. And that's exactly what I have been doing today:

The Decktown Fountain has been extremely soothing

I really should have tried this sooner because all week I had been experiencing "writer's block" with a byline and I kept starting it, then re-starting it, then hating it and re-re-starting it, and on and on. However, this morning in Decktown I got it done in three hours and was happy with the outcome. (Now let's hope my client is, too...!)

All morning I'd glance at the door and see Timmy-Jeffrey peering at me through the window, as he often does whenever I'm outside. So at lunch I decided to put him in a harness and on a leash to try and come outside for a bit.

Surprisingly, getting the harness on him was easy. He thought it was a game and purred while sticking his legs through the straps on his own. Then I clipped the retractable leash on him and out we went!

He was a little nervous, but very interested in the sounds and smells. After a few minutes he hopped down the stairs and started rolling around the walkway. When he got tired of that, he simply sat and enjoyed himself:

I stuck the leash handle under my chair so I wouldn't have to stare at him and returned to work. Shortly after, he came up the stairs and meowed to be let back in the house.

I got up to open the door and that's when things got ugly. My first mistake was not taking the leash off before opening the door. The second he walked in, the other cats swarmed around him to inspect the fresh-from-the-wild Timmy-Jeffrey.

Well, apparently this was too much for him because he ran towards the living room, and when he did that, the retractable leash made a loud "whirring" sound which freaked him out. He took off for the hallway and since I wasn't expecting it, I lost my grip on the leash. The hard plastic handle hit the floor and bounced, scaring everyone so they all scattered, freaking Timmy-Jeffrey out even more.

The leash handle got caught on the living room table, so once the leash ran out of length, it yanked Timmy-Jeffrey backwards.

"WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he wailed from the hallway.

I unhooked the handle from the table and tried to catch up with him, rewinding the leash. Of course, me coming towards him freaked him out some more, so he took off again, this time for the dining room and, of course, I lost my grip on the stupid leash handle. He crashed into the dining room chairs, but not before hooking the leash on something else and knocking over my bag of recycling. By this time the harness was up around his shoulders, causing his front legs to be up by his head. Poor guy.

I finally got him unhooked from the leash, but he won't come out from under the table.

Even now as I type this, I can see him still under the table through the door window. I feel so bad. I really thought any issues with going outside would come up while *outside*.

Hopefully he will forgive me... the catnip that grows wild under the deck is starting to come in, maybe I can entice him with that for next time.



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