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Lulu & Francis: My Foster Kitties!

How excited am I????

Liz is going on vacation next week and her housemate is going with her, which means there's no one to pay a lot of attention to her 2 cats. I had volunteered to take care of them a little over a month ago, before I had my near-cardiac-arrest-like reaction to Dany's cats.

Then I wasn't so sure. I mean, I wasn't just offering to feed them, I was willing to have them stay at my house. So last night I went to Liz's to test out my reaction to Lulu and Francis.

For about a half hour I was with them on the floor (which is thickly carpeted. I was COVERED in fur), held them, petted each one individually, and... nothing! Not even anything after I got home! I even wore the clothes for quite a while after.

So, on Sunday I'm picking up my little house guests! It'll be my first (and probably only) experience of living with cats. Yay! I get to play the part of a "true lesbian" all week while their Mommy goes off and leaves them for the Cape. And I'm doing it in true stereotypical fashion: 2 cats per dyke in a household. (heeheehee)

But Lulu and Francis will be getting a vacation of their own. Each time I've seen them since this heat started, they're flopped over and spread out because it's so hot. Liz doesn't have air conditioning and lives on the third floor. Hot hot hot. Plus I have tons of room for them to run around in.

Yay! I can't wait! I'll get to wake up to Lulu walking on my tummy and head-butting me gently for attention. Not to mention Francis' little "mews," which is her way of saying, "hey, give me love...!"

On a side note, despite everything, I *still* think this whole phenomenon of me being allergic to every single cat I've encountered over my 24 years of life with the SOLE EXCEPTION of her two completely-different-breed-from-one-another cats... well, I believe it's a sign of something.


One good point though, I was at her place the whole time and didn't feel any "pangs" of sorts. Whew! Glad that's over. Unreciprocated feelings can be a real downer.

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