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Hey, Kids: Don't Try These At Home...

... Or Anywhere Else...

Augh! My TEETH!

As I had mentioned once before, a perk to working at GC is the fact that they have the kitchen stocked each week via food deliveries. (Mind you HomeRuns went under, so now we use Peapod) Well, this time around a box of those new "Milk & Cereal" bars were put in. Specifically the Cinnamon Toast Crunch kind.


I ate one this morning and I don't think my teeth will be the same for a while. They're still in shock.

Those bars are just pretty much all sugar. The "milk" in the middle is like the center of an Oreo cookie. Mind you, I LOVE sugary stuff, but DAMN! I took a few bites and my teeth were like, "one more piece and we're dropping all your fillings in protest..."

Seriously, those things could rot a gold tooth...!
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