Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk


This looks like it ought to be an interesting week...!

This Week: 05/28/01 - 06/03/01


Risk-taking and making bold gestures should be your plan of attack on Monday. Openness and honesty are your strong suits and you cheerfully deal the deck to your chosen playmate.

You may wonder if you've made a big mistake midweek. Maybe you've been too brazen and need to pull back.

Fulfillment comes in many guises Thursday and Friday. Others may be intrigued by your optimism, and you may connect with someone who dotes on your every word. Hero worship is not necessarily a bad thing, although too much adoration could go to your head. Analyze those dream metaphors over the weekend. If you're dreaming about running away, some solitude and reflection could be the kind of renewal you need.
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