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"Nice Beaver...!": The Start of a Weekend to Remember...

If I'm going to go out after 2 weeks of not being seen, I'm going to do it right. That meant, of course, that I had to dress in "Circuit Girl-worthy" clothing. So at 10:50 p.m. after 2 weekends of not dancing or anything, I hopped in the car donning my shiny black BugGirl pants, matching little jacket, and lime green t-shirt with a grinning cartoon beaver on the front to pick up Tabs.

At 11:15 I called Tabs on my cell phone to announce my arrival in front of her house.

"Hello?" Tabs answered.

"Can Tabs come out to play?" I asked in a high pitched voice.

Giggling, Tabs said she'd be right down. And then we were off.

Circuit Girl was pretty good. Nothing of any particular note-worthiness happened, except that random people kept pointing my shirt out to one another and grinning. And few bold souls even came up and said, "Hey, nice beaver..."

The only tough point of the evening was knowing that both Liz and Chris were there. For a while I was stressing over whether not I was going to experience the joys of seeing things I'd prefer not to. But then I simply started dancing my ass off and forgot all of it.

At about 1:30 a.m. Tabs and I left. I drove her home then went to my own place where I stayed up until 4:45 a.m. burning "Boston Gathering Summer 2001: 'Fish Mix'" CD's. Then I crawled into bed until 8:30. When the alarm went off I was exhausted.

I leaped into the shower at 8:40, got dressed for the day, then drove down to Park Street station to pick up a Fishy named Tiff. I pulled up in front of the T-stop at 9:35, about 5 minutes late. No sign of her. So I put the car in park and waited. And waited.

By 9:55 it was obvious there was a mix-up of some sort. Tiff still had not shown. I needed to jet back to my place because I had told people who wanted to drop off their cars and luggage to arrive at my place between 10:00 and 11:00. Sure enough when I pulled up at my house by 10:15, 3 people had already arrive: Erica, Kerissa, and Kaitlin.

Erica was the girl who drove with me from Boston to the NYC meet. Kerissa was another girl I met at NYC. Kaitlin was the youngest Fishy scheduled to be at the Boston Meet. She was 17 and had asked me if I'd mind if her Mom came to meet me before dropping her off.

After meeting Kaitlin's Mom and successfully displaying to her that I was not a nut-job and that her daughter would be safe, we went up to my office to make a Fishy sign to hold up at the meeting spot at 11:45.

When we were done, we jumped in the car, roughly 10 min. behind schedule, and sped off to where I park my car for work each day. Then we hopped the red line and headed for the meeting place.

At about 1 stop away from our destination I looked at my watch. We were 10 min. late. And then my cell phone rang. I knew it had to be the girl who helped me organize the meet.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Liz?" A voice asked. "It's Amanda. Where are you?"

I winked at the three Fishies in front of me as I said, "Oh, hey listen. We're actually not coming."


"Yeah," I continued. "You know, I just don't really feel up for it..."

"You're not coming??" Amanda started to sound alarmed.

"What??" I heard a confused voice in the background ask.

I started laughing. "We're one stop away, we'll be there in less than 2 minutes..."

"I'll kill you!" she started screaming. "See you in a few..."

Right before she hung up I heard her say, "Oh my God. She was only kidding. Can you imagine...?"

At 12:15 the 4 of us exited the T-station, Fishy sign erected, and headed toward a group of mostly familiar faces. The Boston Fishy Gathering had officially begun...

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