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Is this my life? Or a living Mentos commercial...?

For the first 25 minutes we all hung out by the Park Street station introducing ourselves, some re-introducing ourselves while we waited for everyone to arrive. As I gave my round of hugs I couldn't believe how emotional I felt for a split second. I knew how difficult it was for some of them to even show up.

After we were pretty sure that everyone who was going to arrive was there, we split off for lunch. Agreeing to meet back up in 45 minutes, I headed toward an ATM with Julia, Tiff (who did make it afterall, there was just a miscommunication on where we were meeting), Kerissa, Erica, and a couple others. Then we went into the Downtown Crossing Food Court.

Most of us ate lunch, caught up on each other's lives, and what not. Then we headed back up to the park where we rejoined the group. After debating on what we all wanted to do, it was decided that everyone would kinda split off to run around various points in the city, then meet up in Harvard Square at 6:30.

I still had a LOT of prepping to do for the evening's party, so I headed back home, promising to pick people up in Harvard Square if they wanted me to. People were disappointed that I wouldn't be hanging with them during the day, but I knew that if I didn't go, I'd never get everything done. Plus I had 7 more CD's to burn.

I hopped the red line back to my car. When I arrived back at where I'd parked it, I was disgusted to see that I was wedged in on both sides. Both cars on either side were less than 4 inches away. I sighed.

I suddenly felt like I was in a Mentos commercial as I popped the rear of my bright yellow seXterra, climbed over the seats and half rolled, half fell into the front seat, landing on my car's remote control, which, in turn, caused me accidentally press the button that sets off the alarm.

With my legs up on the dashboard and my head on the steering wheel, I fumbled around my pockets until I felt the remote in my hand. I pressed the button to stop the incessant honking. Whew.

As I rightened myself up I shook my head. Anything else?

I drove home and spent the next 4 hours making CD's, setting up the Karaoke machine, hooking up the Sega Dreamcast, putting away breakables, plants, etc. Then I went shopping for food and drinks. Before I knew it, the first round of pick-up calls came in and I headed to Harvard Square.

I picked up 4 Fishies and we headed back to my place to watch Billy Elliot, which I discovered I'd forgotten to return from when Nanny and Mom were here. Yeah. NICE and LATE. (That reminds me, I'm going to have to return that sucker this morning. I don't know what my problem with remembering it is. At this point I may as well buy the damn thing)

Around 10:00 the rest of the Fishies had arrived. Mirror ball spinning, white kitchen floor a-glo from the blacklight, and bass pumping, the Fishy Bash was underway...

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