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Operation: Kitty Transport

Julia and I make the 25 min. drive to Liz's. When we arrived I began to explain how we're going to get them to the car.

"Liz said that Lulu, the black cat, will probably freak out and try to run away," I said. "So you'll take Francis and follow me. We'll open the back door, toss 'em in and slam it quickly."

(Geez. To my own ears it sounded like a kidnapping. Or cat napping, har har.)

So we go inside and Julia's stunned by Liz's decor. Liz has a great creative mind, so her place is painted and decorated beautifully.
Lulu and Francis were THRILLED to have guests.

"Hi, Lulu!" I call out. "Hi, Francis!"

Lulu runs to the top of the stairs and waves her tail. Francis doesn't come into view right away, but we hear her greeting, "Meeew..."

After we pet them and said hello, we set out to work. First we transferred the litter box and food to my car. Then we returned for the cats.

I picked up Lulu and Julia picked up Francis. We carefully and slowly walked out of Liz's apartment into the hallway. Lulu was looking all around, but didn't do much. Julia followd behind me.

As I get halfway down the stairs to the front door, still doing very well with little cooperative Lulu, Julia calls out, "Uh, Liz..."

I turned around and saw that Francis was no longer a fluffy little cuddled bundle in Julia's arms. Now she was a wriggling mound of spiked fur. Uh oh. She was starting to freak out.

"Okay," I said. "Just walk a little faster..."

"No, Liz," she cried. "Ow! I, ow! I'm not going to make it, AH! OW! to the car with her...!"

Yikes! Francis had started to try and get away from Julia. Not only was she trying to get out of her arms, she was kicking Julia with her hind legs.

"Okay," I started running down the stairs. "Stay there, I'll be right back..."

I took one last look at Julia. Her face with twisted in pain as she fought to keep from dropping the frenzied ball of fur.

I dashed to car, put Lulu in the backseat, slammed the door, and ran back to rescue Julia. I reached for Francis and gathered her into my arms. I was wearing a tank top and shorts. Bad bad bad.

Francis started scrambling to try and get out of my arms, kicking my legs and cutting my left thigh. As soon as I walked out the front door, Francis immediately stopped fighting me and, instead, clung to me for dear life. This meant digging her claws into my left shoulder, piercing the skin, as well as my chest and stomach. "Ugh," I said as I hurried to the car.

As I made my way up the front walk to the sidwalk, Francis started to wail, "Reeeeaaaaaawwwwwwwww....!!!!"

It was the most pathetic sound I'd ever heard. A couple of people on the street stopped to stare.

"Julia," I called out. "Jump in the front seat fast, I'm going to get in with Francis, just in case she would try to run out after I put her in."

"Okay," she said.

We leaped into the car. Francis jumped out of my arms and onto the front seat of the floor. She tried to wedge herself under the brake and gas pedals. That was so not going to work very well.

"Francis," I coaxed. "Come on out..."

Lulu suddenly popped up in the backseat and stood up on hind legs to see out the back window. Then she went to the floor on the passenger side and climbed under the front passenger seat. She didn't come out under Julia's legs, so I assumed she was going to hide there.

Suddenly Francis made her move and jumped over to Julia's side and went under the passenger seat as well. Julia and Iooked at each other. Then we burst out laughing. I examined my war wounds. My shoulder and thigh were bleeding, but nothing major.

I started the car and headed home. As we were driving I'd call out to Francis and Lulu to remind them that I was there.

"Lulu," I called. Just silence. Francis, on the other hand, was more vocal.

"Fraaaaancis!" I'd call in a higher pitched voice.

"Meooooow..." was the muffled reply.


"Meaaaahhhh...." Each reply was more pathetic than the one before.

Julia and I tried to suppress our giggles.

After a while while I was driving I felt a warm furry head prodding my right elbow. I took a quick glance back to see that it was Lulu. She was coming out to explore and wanted attention.

She placed her two front paws on the console between the front seats, peeking her head out to see where we were going. I reached behind me to scratch her behind her ears.

"Fraaaaaaancis...!" I called out.

"Raaaaaahhhhhhh." came the feeble response.

We were about 3 minutes from home when my cell phone rang. I took my hand away from Lulu to see who it was. It was my home number.

"Who is it?" Julia asked.

"It's my own number." I frowned. Then I looked at Julia. "Wanna lay bets that it's Bri?"

Julia's brow creased. I took a deep breath. "Hello?" I answered the phone.

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