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The calm after the storm...

Julia and I hung out in the house a bit, mulling the situation over. Amanda sat outside with Bri. In the long run, not much was accomplished. But a safer alternative was agreed upon: Julia was to drive Bri's car to NJ.

By this time it was roughly 10:40. We were all hungry and tired, so we decided to drive and I treated us all to some dinner. We all piled into my car and after trying two places, ended up eating at Applebee's.

We were pretty much a sullen bunch. Not to mention our waitress hated me from the get -go. I asked to be sat far enough from the bar that we were out of range from the smoke, they screwed up Julia's order (Julia didn't want cheese in her fajita) and our food came very late, so I got her item taken off the tab, and everyone was so tired, I did most of the talking for the group.

To keep with the running theme, at the end of the meal the waitress asked Julia, "Would you like that wrapped up?"

Duh. Did we not just establish that the order was messed up? Not to mention how funny the mangled fajita looked... Julia ate around it, including the tortilla wrap. All that was left were the neatly abandoned insides.

So I answered, "No, she won't." Then, pointing to Amanda's plate I added, " but she will."

Julia giggled as the waitress went away. "You're my new hero, Liz. I could never do that..."

I laughed. "Nah, it was more funny than anything else. She must think you're a bunch of mutes and that I speak for you all."

After we all decided we were pretty much through eating, we went back to my place to gather up everyone's stuff and say good-bye. While we had been out, I'd set my CD burner to create a mellow mix for Julia that included one of her favorite songs: "I Am Woman," by Helen Reddy. (And we all know how much I love to sing that song at the gym, G!! BTW, I just need to make the cover of your trance mix. A little inspiration to compliment the "Techno Gym" circuit)

I quickly decorated the CD cover to read: "Meow Mix: Declawed." It was in honor of her assistance with poor Francis.

We said our good-byes, my hug with Julia lasting long. I didn't want to let her go especially.

My good-bye with Bri was rather awkward, as I'd expected.

Amanda and I got in my car and Julia drove behind us so I could lead her to the Mass Pike. After we split apart, I drove Amanda home. Of course, that couldn't be simple either... she was very tired and after 10 minutes said she was not quite certain on how to get to her place. She did mention it was off of Rt. 9, which was in quite the other direction from which we were headed.

I sighed heavily as I pulled a U-Turn, then immediately apologized for being impatient. I knew I sounded it. It had been a loooong weekend. I finally dropped her at her dorm in Chestnut Hill at 12:15 a.m. and then made the 30 min. drive to my home.

Walking through the door, I surveyed the living room. *home at last!*

I looked forward to waking up with Lulu marching around my tummy in the morning...

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