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Liz Erk

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"Luluuu! Fraaaaaaaaancis!"

I love them. Those cats are the most amazing little animals!

When I had returned from driving Amanda home, I didn't go to bed immediately. I couldn't find Lulu and Francis, so I decided to make sure they were safe and sound before I went to sleep.

I checked behind the couch: no kitties.

I checked under the stove: no kitties.

I checked the mounds of sheets I put out to protect the couch, in case they hid inside: nope.

I walked upstairs to see if maybe they got inside one of the rooms. No, all the doors were still shut.

Where the hell were they? The house isn't that big!

So I went back downstairs, checking again. As I went into the kitchen, I noticed one of the lower kitchen cabints slightly ajar. Ah-ha! I carefully opened it up and nearly fell over at what I saw: The cats got behind everything and wedged themselves into the corner. But the way they did it was so cute!!

Lulu was on the bottom shelf, amongst wash rags, extra rolls of paper towels, and miscellaneous items like boxes of Reynold's Wrap and strainers. Francis was directly above, nestled in with my dish cloths and salad spinner. They both peered out at me and looked as though they were in little bunk beds!

I knew that being in such a big new place must have been scary for them. Well, probably more Francis than Lulu. So I went to the guest room and pulled out an old comforter and sheet and set up a make-shift bed in the living room. I wanted them to see that I was very close by.

I dozed off around 2:00 a.m., but woke up at about 3:00 to Lulu marching around on my tummy and purring. Sleepily I said, "Hi, Lulu..."

Lulu gently head butted my chin, then shoulder, so I extended my right arm. Lulu climbed off of my stomach and rolled onto her back to the right of me. Then, to my amazement, Lulu nestled against me and put her head on my shoulder, still laying on her back! She was like a little person!

I put my arm closer around her and began to doze, when not too long later I heard a "meow..." very close to my left ear. It, of course, was Francis. I petted her gently and asked her how she was. She meowed a response that I translated into, "I'm okay. I guess I know I'm safe, but I still don't understand why I'm here with you and not my Mommy. But it's okay because I like you and you like me..."

Then as I squinted into the shadows of the living room, I saw her head back to the kitchen. I gradually returned to my slumber, Lulu purring lazily as I stroked under her chin.

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