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Me and My Shadow...

So, I can't believe I have to return Lulu and Francis to Liz on Monday! I'll be devastated. I hate leaving the house because then I have to leave the girls behind.

I admit, though, I'm not 99% allergy free with these cats as I'd hoped. I mean, there's minimal chest tightening and I ended up losing most of my voice this morning. Very annoying. But I believe lack of sleep has contributed to that, so it can't be all from kitty dander.

Waking up these last few days with Lulu parading across my midsection, followed by purring head-butts about an hour before my alarm has been amazing. Then the clock goes off, Lulu jumps up, I shut it off, lay back down for 5 min., and Lulu resumes her position on my stomach.

Then as I start my day, Lulu follows me all around... Lulu sits in the bathroom window, gazing outside while I brush my teeth and take a shower, then she lounges across my bed and lazily waves her tail as I blow dry my hair. As I pack my bag for the day, she lays in the hallway, silently watching me rush back and forth.

The best though is when I'm working at my computer in the home office. The back of my chair is very awkward and narrow, not the ideal place for a cat to climb. But Lulu's determined! She gets up there, clings to it for dear life, then leans into my neck and back, purring until I let her crawl into my lap. And if I don't respond right away, she either head-butts me or leaps to the window sill.

While I type she watches the outdoors, but peeks out at me from behind the curtains every couple minutes to make sure I'm still too busy to pay her any attention. If I look as though I'm doing something other than work, she leaps right into my lap. : )

I'm also steadliy becoming convinced that Francis can fly. Hee hee hee! The other night I was sleeping, but woke up because Lulu was trying to get next to me. Lulu pretty much acts as if she owns the place. Francis, on the other hand, took a little longer to get comfortable. She's not tearing through the house like Lulu, but she's not hibernating in the cabinet 24-7 anymore either.

Well, when Lulu nudged me, it caused me to jump. I sat up and then I heard, "Reeeeoooow...!" As I turned to see what was going on, I saw Francis' silouette leap from the back of the couch and arc through the air, landing more than halfway across the room! Geez! I had no idea cats could jump that high, long, or far!

Francis is funny, she comes out to greet me and nudges me for some attention. That usually leads to me petting her and rubbing her while she rolls around on her back. But once she has her fix, she goes off and does her own thing.

Lulu, on the other hand, is glued to my side. No matter what I do, she likes to be there. The best is when I flush the toilet. She runs to the bowl, stands up on hind legs, and watches the spiral of water go down, moving her head in circles to match the water.

I was shocked to also discover that cats growl!!!!!!!! Lulu is such a brave kitty! I was typing away with Lulu in my lap on Tuesday night when I heard a thud from downstairs. Apparenently Lulu heard it, too. She leaped up, back arched, hair spiked, and her throat emitted this deep rolling growl.

After a moment Lulu jumped down to the floor, stood very still, then growled again. Then without warning she took off downstairs.

I returned to my work and within 5 minutes Lulu was back, tail resembling an exclamation point and her wide green eyes fixed on me.

"Everything okay down there?" I asked.

Tail weaving back and forth, Lulu responded with a short "mew," which I translated into, "Yeah-- for now. I think I scared 'em off. But if they come back, I'll be ready..."

Lulu got down low on her front legs, never taking her eyes off of mine. I knew this was her way of saying, "Hey, I'm ready to sit on your lap now..."

I rolled the desk chair back slightly and put my arms out. Wiggling her butt, Lulu leaped into my lap. Then she kneeded my tummy and returned to lazily relaxing.

Ahhh... the life of a cat! I love 'em! How unfair that I can't even have my own... : (

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