Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

The Town of Lesbians!

Well, okay, it's not quite called that, but yesterday I went to North Hampton. I'd heard a lot about it and had always wanted to visit. Numerous people told me it's not just a "gay town," but it's primarily lesbians.

They weren't kidding! It was the cutest place! Neat little shops, friendly people. Heh heh... you know you're in the right place when someone hits on you in the bathroom...!

I didn't want to leave, but, alas, I found myself back in Boston that evening, working my Fitness Specialist shift at the gym.

I'm bummin' though. I went to NoHo with my friend from Northfield. She's leaving on Sat. for the summer. I've grown quite attached to that girl! (dramatic sigh) How will I survive the summer without her...?

I know! Torture G with Personal Training and get a full-time job...! (Let's hope one of the 3 interviews I have coming up proves to be fruitful...)

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