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Techno Kitty...

Ha! Lulu is definitely my kind of cat... I've got some good trance going and she's sprawed out on a pair of UFO pants that I threw on the floor the other day, drifting off to sleep. That has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen! (Though if she starts scratching at them, I'll cry...) All she needs now is one of those little glowsticks that goes in your mouth...!

Francis on the other hand finally emerged from her hideout in the pants closet... she's a riot... I have to go to HER to give her attention, the little princess...! Then after a little petting and cooing she comes right out.

Currently she's laying in front of the subwoofer on her back, waving her tail with the beat every so often, ears twitching to the changes in the songs. My mind just conjured up an image of her at a rave with a little powder blue Buggirl visor... hee hee hee!

I practically cried when I got a phone call from Liz about 45 minutes ago, letting me know she returned from her trip early, so she'll be picking up Lulu and Francis tomorrow instead of Monday. : ( She can't take my little foster kitties!

But, alas... they are her cats, so I suppose she has a right to them.

B-b-but-- I love them! Waaaaaah!

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