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Deviating from the norm...

Well, this morning was my last one, at least until Liz goes on an extended trip again, in which I had the joys of waking to Lulu marching across my tummy and head-butting my chin.

But this morning was different! It was a morning in which I had no plans, no set activity (at least not until later), nothing to immediately get ready to leave the house for.

So I couldn't help but laugh at poor Lulu's confusion. She was resting on my stomach, the alarm went off, I shut it off, and laid back down again. That was nothing different. Then I shifted a few minutes later and she immediately got up and marched toward the stairs, assuming I was getting up for the day.

I smiled. "Come back, Lulu."

Poor thing! She slowly walked back toward me and took a few minutes before she stretched out beside me.

About 20 min. later I decided to go upstairs to the office. Lulu ran ahead of me and got into the bathroom sink, expecting me to brush my teeth. Ha! So funny!

As I sat at my desk chair responding to e-mail, Lulu walked in and stared at me a moment. Then she slinked past my chair and headed for her usual perch in the window next to my desk.

But Francis was already in it! (Which, I admit, was a new surprise for me, too. She started that last night)

So Lulu quietly got up on hind legs to leap up onto the heater below. I knew she was going to try to force Francis out.

Not interested in watching a "kitty brawl" take place in my office, I pulled back the curtain to the window directly next to the one she typically sat in and pointed it out to Lulu. As I did this, Francis turned around and poked her head out from behind the white drapes. But luckily Lulu happily obliged and leaped up to the new perch.

Lulu's tail was hanging out as she got herself comfortable and Francis was still watching. Then suddenly Francis swiped at Lulu's tail with her paw, but missed. Lulu hadn't noticed and I suppose Francis wasn't really too interested in bothering her, so I returned to my typing as Francis resettled in the window.

I can't get over how used to my little houseguests I'd become! And I imagine they must have gotten accustomed to me and my home. But I think it'll be fun to watch their reactions when Liz shows up to get them later.

And, of course, I'll have my camera on hand for the occasion. I took a look at the "exposures remaining" readout this morning and saw that I have 4 left. I used almost an entire roll on these two over the past week! Hee hee hee..!

Now I know how grandparents feel when their grandkids come for long visits. (Sheesh, I'm already comparing my behavior to that of grannies at my ripe old age of 24...!)

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