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Lulu and Francis have left the building...

Wow... how lonely was I last night?? Liz came for Lulu and Francis around 7:00. As I had mentioned, she'd called the previous day to inform me that she'd returned early. What I did not mention was that when I'd gone to answer the phone, the Caller ID readout was from Chris' number. And, I admit, I felt a the slightest of "twinges." (Eh, old feelings / crushes die hard...)

Then she'd called yesterday at 5:00 to let me know what time she was going to arrive to get her babies, which was 7:00. The Caller ID readout was Chris' cell phone. (twinge twinge)

So I spent the last two hours before their departure with mostly Lulu... I chased her around, rubbed her belly, and played Mortal Kombat Gold with my back to the couch and Lulu on it, resting with her back against my neck. I couldn't believe how fast the week had gone by.

At 7:00 Liz showed up with a cat carrier to avoid a kicking match with Francis and a P-Town t-shirt for me. : ) It was so funny... Lulu and Francis weren't that eager to leave. Francis was timid with Liz at first, then she came off of her perch in the pants closet and followed Lulu to the guest room. Then they both darted under the bed, hee hee.

Liz and I called to them, finally Francis came out. Liz put Francis in the carrier where she proceeded to meow sadly, much like she did on the car ride over to my house. Then I got Lulu out from under the bed and carried her to Liz's car.

Once the cats were cafely inside I said good-bye to them and Liz, then returned to the house. Wow. It seemed so lonely all of the sudden. I even had trouble falling asleep last night. I half expected Lulu to snuggle with me, or to see Francis getting in the kitchen cabinet to sleep for the night. No such luck.


Damn, I wish I could have a cat. Oh well... such is life... Liz is going away for 4 days at the end of the month... guess who gets to kitty-sit...?? >:)

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