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Just call me "Trinity Furlong..."

Yay! Got my haircut and I like it! FINALLY!! A stylist I'm pleased with for once.

Over the last year I've had bad luck. Let's see... the first stylist I had for 3 years was good, but I decided I needed a change. I'd had the same woman since '96 and decided to do something drastic (The Trinity from "The Matrix" cut) with my ex's friend, who was a hairdresser . He was GREAT! Loved him!

But then I lost track of him. See, he's a functional alcoholic and kept moving to different salons. I kept chasing down. Finally I lost him for good.

Then I tried to return to my old stylist, but the day I had an appointment with her, she was in the hospital with some illness. So I went with a sub. She was "okay." I wasn't thrilled.

Then I tried to book with my old stylist again, but she was out for surgery on her hands due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Another sub, another disappointment.

Then my friend Kim started dating this woman. She turned out to be a hairdresser and cut and dyed Kim's hair for her. She did a great job!

They're no longer together, but I made sure to get this woman's card. And that's who I saw yesterday. Perfect! Exactly what I wanted! My hair wasn't long enough to get the exact Eddie Furlong cut (from his Terminator 2 days), but it's the same style, yet has a feminine edge to it, along the lines of Trinity.

I'm glad. This woman's been at her salon for a long time... so as long as she doesn't become an alcoholic or get carpal tunnel, I should be good for a while... : )

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