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Liz Erk

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Nervous anticipation...

Wow! I can't believe at this time tomorrow I'll be on a flight to Chicago for my visit with Monica! I know this weekend's gonna fly right by...

It's amazing... Monica and I seem like we're on the same wavelength and the timing of everything's really incredible... almost too perfect. I still can't get over the way we danced together and the fact that there was so much "electricity" between us. We didn't even kiss that night, which is even more exciting.

Both of us are nervous with anticipation. We've been e-mailing and talking on the phone a lot over the last couple weeks. The more I learn about her, the better I like her. But I'm being careful not to get ahead of myself here... despite the fact that we met in person first, most of our communication has been via writing or over the phone. It's easy to idealize someone that way. The true test is when you spend time with them in person.

So, we shall see... but till then... I can't WAIT...!!!!!!!!! : )

*siiiiigh* <---- yes, yes... very cheesy... but I don't care! >: )

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