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I just received this e-mail from Monica:

"Everything looks so beautiful with the thought of you being here with me in just a few hours. The trees are greener, the air smells sweeter as does the earth. Seems like everything is preparing for you. Even the weather. We're all eagerly awaiting your heart.

I miss you.
Love, moni"


All I can think is... wow. Women like this just don't exist. Someone pinch me. (no, please don't... I bruise easily...: ) )

I guess there has to be a rather big flaw, eh? The fact that she lives in Chicago for God's sakes. I just don't do long distance relationships. That's why this whole thing baffles me... that whole initial nagging that caused me to decide to make this trip there in the first place...

I suppose that mystery will be solved starting tomorrow at 1:45 p.m. CST when I land in Chicago. (Or so my itinerary says...) But even then... what will it mean? Long distance is just way too hard to stick out. I did it once when my ex had to move to CA for a job. (she ended up coming back after a couple months)I hated every second of it.

I guess I'll have some answers as this weekend unfolds. And I'm sure those of you who have been balking lately via e-mail about the "lack of lizerk-style excitement" will probably be thrilled with the post-weekend reports...!

On the aside-- Despite the minimal "dyke drama" and other such insanity that typically took place, I don't think my life has been "duller than dishwater...!" So nyah...! >; )

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