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A VERY old, yet familiar feeling...

Ahhh... Chicago. Sources from Beantown told me that I took off on my flight just in time to miss a short, but torrential downpour. Apparently that same weather had just left Chicago this past Thursday, so I guess I lucked out. It's been gorgeous, low humidity and mid-70's thus far.

It's been a great visit, with the exception of good ole' America West losing my luggage, which I did not get back until this afternoon.

Last night Monica, her bandmate Kim, another friend of their's and I went to this Campus Green rally of sorts. It was a "pump up" for the new Chicago Campus Green group, which supports the Green Party. The lure that got us to go? Ani DiFranco and Patti Smith were playing. : )

It was AWESOME! I never was one to pay much attention to political parties. I think they're all ridiculous. And the worst was when I'd signed a petition in '97 and somehow ended up in the Reform Party. After unscrambling that mess, I reverted back to my "Independent" status.

Anyway, Ralph Nader actually got up and spoke at this thing. I was in awe. Not because he was rivetting, but because of the speakers that were before him. They had my attention enough that I was actually interested in hearing what he had to say.

Wow! His agenda, as well as his backers, were right in tune with what I think should apply toward this country. But I'll tell you, had I not listened to the presenters before him, I'd have tuned out and left until Ani and Patti got on. Ralph Nader seriously needs some coaching in Public Speaking. He's way too monotone.

So, after that was done and we'd watched Ani sing (which was AWESOME), we all hung out at a cafe for a while. Then we all went home and to bed.

As I layed there with Monica in my arms, my mind rewound to the night we'd danced at Vixen, to our phone conversations and e-mails, to the moment I stepped off the plane yesterday and saw her waiting for me.

Then I replayed the airport scene again. When my eyes caught sight of Monica there, my heart jumped and I caught my breath. She was even more beautiful than I remembered. When she saw me, her eyes softened and her lips parted into a wide smile.

We hugged for a long time, then went to fetch my bag, which never arrived. The idiots at the Columbus, Ohio airport, where we'd had our layover, unloaded my bag. Geez. Were they illiterate? Could they not see, "Chicago, O'Hare" printed in bold on the tag?!

We headed to Monica's apartment once we'd found out how to proceed in terms of getting my bag returned to me. After I got the grand tour of Monica's adorable 1 bedroom apartment, we sat and chatted for 3 hours. I couldn't believe I was sitting on her couch in front of her, looking into her warm eyes. I can't get over how breath-takingly beautiful she is.

As we got ready to leave for the Campus Green thing, which really meant my emptying out the non-essentials from my backpack, since I had no clothes to change into, Monica and I continued talking. Then I followed her into her bedroom to see how she'd dried the roses I'd sent her. They looked really nice. Peach colored roses are awesome. They still looked vibrant, despite being dry.

Then Monica and I hugged, then kissed for the first time.


I hadn't gotten knocked over by a kiss like that in a very long time. Not even Liz's kiss came close. I mean, when Monica's and my lips met, everything just disappeared. Time stood still. I think I even stopped breathing.

I needed a minute to recover from it. I knew that when the moment we kissed came, it'd be incredible. But I guess I sorely underestimated what it would do to me.

So, laying in bed with her last night, it didn't take long for us to fall asleep. Neither of us had gotten much sleep that week and I was trying to adjust to an hour time difference, which REALLY hit me at 1:00 when we got home. According to my body, it was 2:00 a.m. and it had enough of my sleep deprivation.

Monica and I woke up at 8:00, talked for a while, then slept on and off until 12:30. Then we finally got up and got dressed and headed to the airport to get my stuff, then get some food.

We finally ended up at, um, hmmm, wow, I suddenly can't remember where we ate. But it was an AWESOME cafe in Chicago. When I remember the name, I'll update this. The two of us hadn't eaten all day, so when the food was finally put in front of us at 4:30, we both realized we were pretty hungry.

After we got back, Monica played me one of her band's demo tapes. Again, wow. She has an AMAZING singing voice. Not even just nice, like she's sincerely talented.

Now she's currently off at a band rehearsal. They're playing at Chicago's "Ladyfest" next weekend. The practice is three hours so I decided to stay here to nap and then check my e-mail.

As I laid in her bed and thought about everything, it hit me. Hard. No one has made me feel this way since, well, since I got involved with my first girlfriend. Monica's a genuine, sincere, just all-around caring individual. And it shows in her face and the way she carries herself. She's beauty itself, in and out. And what's even funnier is that she doesn't notice how much people stare at her. Everwhere we go, men and women just practically drool.

Heh heh, we got many looks of approval / envy as we walked around holding hands. Not one rude catcall, no snide gay comments, nothing.

A little while ago before I got up to update this, I thought about the different feelings I experience with Monica. There's just a vast array, it's hard to really capture it into words. But the conclusion I was able to come to as a result caused me to actually catch my breath for the second time in 2 days:

I think I'm on the path to falling in love. Hard. I haven't experienced this feeling since when I began seeing Susan, my first gf. That was in '96. And that was a feeling I had all but forgotten.

Yet here it is, 5 years later, resurfacing.

Oh boy. I live in Boston. She lives in Chicago.

Hmph. I have a feeling returning to Boston on Monday's going to be extremely difficult...

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