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She's Baa-aaaack...!

Wow. After such airline drama, I'm finally home. St00pid America West... first they lose my luggage on the way there, then we have a two hour "weather delay" on the way back. I think that delay was a load of crap. We were on the plane at the layover in Columbus, Ohio and there were only 6 people on it. After we got off the plane, I called two friends in Boston who said the weather was fine.

Two hours later we got back on to a full flight. Ha. They didn't want to send a plane out with practically no passengers. Cheap bastids...

Anyway, so much happened since my post while in Chicago. After I got off the computer, I went to lay down again. Next thing I knew, I was waking up to a gentle kiss from Monica. At first I thought I was dreaming. Then I realized that the girl of my dreams was reality and that I could reach out and hold her.

She climbed into bed next to me and we fell asleep together, wrapped in each other's arms. The next morning we woke up, but laid in bed, talking about everything and nothing for about 2 hours. Then we went for brunch at the same place we'd had dinner the night before, which I finally am able to remember the name of, The Heartland Cafe.

YUM! That place is so good! (By the way, right before we went to eat, we had stopped at the airport to get my baggage. I'm going to write a letter to America West. They suck. They only had one person on staff and there was a woman checking in a kitten. The process took 25 minutes, so I had to stand there. When they were done, it took all of 30 seconds to retrieve my bag.)

Where was I? Oh yes! Brunch! Soooo good! While we waited for our food, Monica and I held hands at the table and just chatted away. We have so much to talk about, I love that. And I can't get over what striking eyes she has! And that contagious, bright smile!

I took tons of pictures, so I'll post them up as soon as I get the film developed.

After we ate, we went to Belmont to check out the shops and what not. Then I got ahold of Tre (remember him? I wrote about him a while back: my exgirlfriend's exboyfriend) and Monica and I met him at one of the beaches at Lake Michigan.

Monica and Tre got along great. I think they'll be friends. They're both in very talented bands and are extremely passionate about their music. And we all had such a great time at the beach! We swam around in the blue water, which was a great temperature, and just laid around chatting.

At one point I dozed off and then woke up to Monica leaving a trail of kisses on my stomach. The afternoon flew! We were going out to a cute Cuban cafe that night, so we had to head home and get ready. We invited Tre along and he agreed to meet us there.

At about 7:30 Monica, Kim, Tre, and I sat down to a great dinner. Monica sat next to me and through most of the dinner we'd hold onto one another's hand or share a little smile periodically. At one point I realized that leaving the next day was going to be extremely difficult. I'd grown addicted to seeing Monica's smile whenever we looked at each other.

After dinner, Kim dropped Monica and I off at Monica's apartment. It turns out that Monica and I are both Absolutely Fabulous freaks, so we rented our favorite episode and bought frozen yogurt.

But when we got home we didn't watch Ab Fab. Instead I probably experienced the most intense night of my life. So many emotions... so many feelings I never thought I'd have again, and, surprisingly, some new ones.

This morning we woke up and had a frozen yogurt breakfast (hee hee), watched Ab Fab, then zipped me to the airport. I can't believe how fast the weekend went. And I can't believe Monica lives so far from me.

But the good news is that it's highly likely that she and her band will move to the Boston area within a year.

Monica and I haven't talked about it yet, but I'm struggling with what to do. Like I'd said before, I HATE doing long distance. It's emotionally exhausting and just all-around difficult.

But then again, if she's "the one," and that's a very real possibility, I'd be stupid to turn my back on what's between us. Especially if she may be relocating here.


The good-bye at the airport was the hardest thing. We hugged a long good-bye, then kissed several times. I stood by the check-in counter and watched her drive off. My eyes filled with tears. Argh!! I rarely cry over good-byes unless they hurt.

And as I flew home today, something hit me: any shred of doubt I had about not being with Mike, and little nub of "crush" I had lingering for Liz, and any desire I had to go on a date with Lynn are all gone. Not even a hint of any of that stuff. And I think, for me, that's what love is: complete and pure. The desire to only want to be with that person and feeling 100% about it.

With Mike I was always hesitant about commitment. And we dated for almost 9 months.
Monica's only been in my life for over a month and already I know I want to have her as a girlfriend, hands down.

Heh. At least I have one thing confirmed in my life...!

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