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The funniest AIM conversation I've ever had...

I had to share G's discovery with one of my bestest friends in the world:

LizzyErky: on AIM, say hi to SmarterChild
LizzyErky: just instant message smarterchild
nmehrr: what?
LizzyErky: do it.
nmehrr: hi smarterchild???
LizzyErky: no, dummy
LizzyErky: right click over
nmehrr: huh
LizzyErky: buddies
LizzyErky: and then where it says
LizzyErky: send instant message
LizzyErky: enter SmarterChild
nmehrr: ow
LizzyErky: in the box
LizzyErky: then say hi
nmehrr: buddies, families, co-workers... ?
nmehrr: help
LizzyErky: buddies
LizzyErky: then where it says send instant message
LizzyErky: enter the name
LizzyErky: SmarterChild
nmehrr: I think, I did it?
LizzyErky: what was the reply?
nmehrr: Hi SmarterChild
LizzyErky: not to me
nmehrr: ow...
nmehrr: didn't work
LizzyErky: geez
LizzyErky: omg
nmehrr: kris dummerchild
LizzyErky: LOL
LizzyErky: follow my instructions
nmehrr: kay
LizzyErky: 1- Right click on BUDDIES which is where all your ppl are listed
nmehrr: click on Add Buddy
LizzyErky: no
LizzyErky: but you can
LizzyErky: do it that way
LizzyErky: if you want
LizzyErky: And then where it says add buddy,
LizzyErky: add SmarterChild
LizzyErky: Then click on the name and say hi
nmehrr: it gives three options
LizzyErky: what are they?
nmehrr: still... dumb
LizzyErky: Okay, just do it the way I originally said
nmehrr: now it gives 4
LizzyErky: Right click Buddies
nmehrr: buddies, co-workers, family, and smarterchild
LizzyErky: LOL
LizzyErky: LOL!!!
LizzyErky: You just made a list called Smarterchild
LizzyErky: lol
LizzyErky: no
LizzyErky: Right click on Buddies
nmehrr: Yes, my pulldown bar says, smarterchild
LizzyErky: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LizzyErky: Right click on Buddies
nmehrr: where's buddies
LizzyErky: right on top of where I'm listed
LizzyErky: The name of the list.
LizzyErky: Not on set up
LizzyErky: On the first tab, the left.
nmehrr: okay
LizzyErky: good.

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