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Market Analysis...

Ohhh yeah... I'm not very happy pour le moment... I'm pulling an all-nighter. And not the fun "I was out dancing all night and didn't get home until the sun came up" kind either.

No. I'm up doing data migration / integration solutions analysis. Please, don't be jealous...

I have to be up by 4:50, so I figure it wasn't worth it for me to go to bed, only to probably over sleep my PT session with Tabs at 6:30.

I ended up on the phone with Monica for 2 hours though, so I guess I haven't lost my college-bred procrastination skills... >:)

I also realized something else, too. I suspected it, but now I know it. Because I've experienced it before. The warmth, the fuzziness, the smiling for no particular reason...

Yep. I can fully admit it. I'm in love.

Not the "ohhh... honeymoon phase of meeting someone new..." That's passed a while back. And it's even greater and stronger than I've felt the two times before. But boy, it's rough. This is a whole new game: falling in love from afar.

You know what though? I like the way it feels... to know that someone has such a profound effect on me... that there's someone in the world who reaches me in a way that no one else does... and that she's someone who deserves to be loved by me.

So, on that note, it's back to reporting on the various ETL Tools. So, if anyone wants to know about Extraction, Transformation, and Loading Technology that's available, I'm your girl...!!


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