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Circuit Girl: Disconnected...

Oh wow. I guess my body was quite unforgiving this time around.

I survived yesterday okay... distributed my competitive / market analysis reports to everyone, which no one in senior management even commented on (gee, thanks).
Then we received our lunches and everyone headed out to the Duck Tour.

Except me.

Yes, I just love when I get stuck with a last minute project. Well, it wasn't even last minute, it's a weekly status report, but I didn't get all of the information until the end, so I had to stay behind and format it, then ship it off to the client.

Luckily, I found out a Senior Manager was still there, as well as another Account Rep., so we jumped in a cab and made it 10 min. before the Duck Tour was going to depart.

The Duck (or DUKW, which was the proper call letters of the WW2 land and sea vessel, thus leading to the name "Duck") picked us up in front of the State House and we all clambered on. I sat next to Tara, the girl I helped with moving her mattresses.

The woman tour guide did a pretty cool job. But I was exhausted. And for me, there's nothing more soothing than floating on water or just the sound of moving water. So, couple that with not having slept at all the night before and you get a sleeping Liz Erk.

I woke up partway through the water portion of the tour as we were heading back down the Charles River toward land again. No one appeared to have noticed my little nap. Well, except maybe Tara, who shifted away from me. I have a feeling I may have tipped onto her, you know the way one does when they nod off while sitting up.

As we were driving down the last stretch of the tour back to our point of origin at the State House, the tour guide, who called herself Dr. Ima Quack and even wore pink scrubs with her name emblazoned on the shirt, asked, "So, how many of you have done a Duck Tour before?"

I, as well as 2 others, put up our hands. I made eye contact with Dr. Ima Quack because I was right in line with her rear view mirror, which was large. She held my gaze as she said, "Well, I know you have, since you slept for half of the tour."

I was horrified. I immediately looked away and retracted my hand as everyone started looking around to see who she was referring to.

"Yeah, I meant you, woman in the gray tank top."

Naturally, being the employee who is pretty much the only one that wears board shorts and tank tops to work, everyone knew to look at me. I slumped in my seat. Bad enough most of the office isn't particularly fond of me. Now they know I fell asleep during the company outing.

Dr. Ima Quack continued, "So, did you have to listen to the same stuff as your other tour?"

I said, "No, actually, you guys covered different elements of the city, so it was cool. The only things I noticed that were the same were the jokes."

This stunned Dr. Quack. "Really? Like which ones?"

Hmm. I guess they didn't plan that. After hearing her make the same jokes as my last tour guide from the tour I went on with Mom, Nanny, and my sister, I'd assumed they memorized joke scripts or something. "Well, the one about the Japanese tourists' hats when we went over the bridge into Charlestown."

When we began to cross a rather windy bridge earlier in the tour, Dr. Quack explained that any of us who were wearing hats ought to remove them. Then she told a story about a non-English speaking group of Japanese tourists who couldn't understand her warnings about the wind. The next thing she knew, there were 32 hats flying out of the Duck Tour.

She was quite surprised. "Are you kidding me?" she asked incredulously. "Who was your driver?"

I described our furry loin cloth-clad viking driver.

"Augh!" she exclaimed. "That's Sven The Viking."

She grumbled about how he stole that from her. I was still pretty embarrassed that she pointed out how I'd fallen asleep. As we sat in traffic she began thanking us for being a great audience. While she was speaking, our boat began to catch up to another Duck Tour.

What happened next made me want to jump off the side of the Duck.

"Oh my goodness!" Dr. Quack said. "Look who we're catching up to!"

We all looked. It was a driver wearing a viking hat and a furry loin cloth. Oh God.

"Hey, Sven!" Dr. Quack called out as our blue Duck pulled next to the bright pink one. As soon as she called out his name, my coworkers all looked at me, catching on to why this pink Duck was a big deal.

"Well, hello there!" He responded.

"Sven, I want you to take a very close look at the young woman in the gray tank top," she said. "I have a big bone to pick with you."

Slumping in my seat, I gave a half-hearted wave as some of my coworkers started laughing. I was beyond mortified.

Finally we got off the Duck. I wanted to run off, but instead I said good-byes to people. Then I walked uptown toward HW. I had about an hour and 45 minutes until my appointment with Gail.

It was so hot and humid! By the time I was about a block from HW, drenched, when I decided to go visit M/ST. It's right across the street, so I figured, "why not?"

I went inside and had the new receptionist call Anne, who I had an appointment with after Gail. Ordinarily I would have just walked right in and went to Anne's office. But with all of the recent lay-offs, I knew they'd probably moved her somewhere else. I was right.

As I followed Anne to her office, I took a good look around. Wow. It was like a ghost town. The oddest thing of all was the amount of people in single offices. Typically people, with the exception of VP's and higher, sat 2 per office. But since there were a lot less employees than when I'd been around, there were enough offices that a lot of people had their own. It was weird.

Anne and I walked around with me mostly saying hi to former coworkers who I missed. Then we hung out in Gail's office until it was time for Gail and myself to head off to HW.

By the time I'd finished training Gail and Anne two hours later, I was exhausted. On the train ride to get my car, I dozed off, nearly missing my stop.

When I arrived home I kicked off my shoes, went upstairs, set my alarm for 9:30 pm., figuring I'd get 2 hours of sleep and be refreshed to pick up Tabs for Circuit Girl.
I was asleep almost instantly.

Next thing I knew, I was waking up, rather groggy. At first I was confused. I looked at the clock. 11:55. I stretched and tried to figured out why the time was important.

ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd overslept! Whoops!!!!!

I checked my voice mail, Tabs didn't call. Since she'd trained me that morning, she knew I hadn't slept. I imagined she probably figured out what happened to me. I felt terrible. So much for Circuit Girl...

Not feeling much like going back to sleep right away, I called Monica. I wanted to hear her sweet voice. We chatted for about an hour and a half. When we hung up, I found myself growing sad. I really wish she was here.

Anyway, I went to sleep and didn't get up until 10:00 this morning. Ha! Guess my body was determined to recapture the lost hours!


On that note, I'm going to nap again so I'm rested up for the BBQ and rave. And yes, for those of you who are viewing this entry via the "Freiends View," the pic I have displayed with this entry is me and Monica at the beach. I have to see if I can get G to host the pics I got developed. They are CUTE...! : )

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