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"Please turn around and tilt your head down"

Well, first off, I have to say that he absolutely rocks my world and I owe infinite thanks to G for introducing me. (not to mention making my head spin Saturday night...!) After many weeks of conversing via AIM, we finally got to meet in person. I love this boy!

After a crazy day that started off rather wrong because my body was off kilter (sleep deprivation's NOT a good thing), I went to a BBQ at the above mentioned boy's house. But before I did that, I had the joys of running errands, which included getting my car inspected. And guess what? I took Monica with me! Ha!

I called her on my cell phone from the service station and stayed on the phone for 54 minutes. In that time I got the car done, went downtown to get my pictures developed (which came out AWESOME, I'll need to beg G to host them, so I can share 'em), bought lunch, and a bunch of other things. See? Who says a long distance relationship can't be done?? All you need is a cell phone and it's like they're a part of your everyday life. They just can't exactly push the grocery cart...

So, after nearly fainting at the pictures I developed, I scanned the good ones in and sent them to Monica. I was also getting a good laugh at the other rolls of film I turned in as well. I let 9 of 'em pile up. At first I was horrified that they went back as far as New Year's, but then I discovered a batch from Thanksgiving. Eep.

So, finally I ended up at Chris's. After hanging there for a bit and having the thrill of watching The Singing Penis (oh yes!), we headed out to Fitchburg for the rave.

Hmph. I'd never been to a "commercial rave" before. I'd only ever gone to "outlaws." I was so stunned when the girls got in one line, the guys in the other and we had to endure a full body search before entering! They took my gum away, searched through my hair (!!), looked in my shoes, and made me remove my San Pellegrino key chain bottle opener and leave it with security.

After all of that, we headed to the dance floor. Because it was cement, my Sketchers didn't do a very efficient job of absorbing the shock as I jumped around. I dance HARD, so needless to say I didn't last long. I'm not a swayer, I have too much energy. Plus I sweated to death.

By about 3:15 a.m. I'd had enough. I had to be up at 8:30 for a 50 mile bike ride, so I decided to leave. After getting horrible directions to Rt. 2, which lead my to wandering aimlessly for 25 min., I finally arrived home at 4:45 a.m.

I was so tired, I merely stripped down and flopped into bed. Next thing I knew, I was dragging my sorry ass out of bed to get ready for the road ride with Gail and her friends. They dropped the ride down to 38 miles, so it was a bit shorter.

Ahhhhh! I LOVE riding! It was quite hot, but I had my Nike imitation Camel Back, so I was good to go. At 7 miles left, we stopped at a farm and had homemade ice cream. YUM!!!!

On the drive back to Watertown, I picked up a chicken meatball wrap and chocolate peanut butter brownie from Low Fat No Fat. Wheeee! Perfect ending to a perfect day!

After eating and feeling too stuffed, I fell asleep in front of the television while watching "VH1's Behind the Music: The Pat Benatar Story." This brought back MAJOR childhood memories. When I was just a wee little girl in second grade, donning pigtails and a Catholic school jumper uniform, I had a note sent home to my mother regarding my classroom conduct. Apparently they didn't like the fact that while jumping rope during recess, I'd sing such choice songs such as "Hell is for Children" and Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical."

So, here I sit, laundry tumbling in the dryer (nope, not mine... I still don't have $80 cash for the plumber to hook it up and my neighbors are away. So I'm borrowing their's. >:) ), bass pumping trance playing, and chatting with my dear Amanda, who's been bugging me to update my LJ. (Hope you're happy, Princess...! ;) )

Okay, on that note, I'm off to bed.


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