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Raisin-y goodness!!!

Augh!!!! How precious is this little thing?? Last night we went to bed, in my bed, of course, I slept on the right side of the bed and Raisin the left. She's as long as my cordless phone, so at first I was worried there wouldn't be enough room for the two of us in my queen-sized bed... hee hee...

She fell asleep wadded in a ball, then as the night progressed, she'd move to different spots. When I woke up, I found her burrowed between the pillows, next to my head. I loved it!! Im' wondering if I can train her to walk on my tummy in the mornings, like Lulu...?

Speaking of which, last night I brought Raisin over to Liz's to meet Lulu and Francis. They didn't quite know what to do with her. Francis was the first to pay attention. Next to Francis, Raisin looked like a dwarf. Francis followed Raisin around, hissed at her a few times, then just kept staring at her.

Lulu seemed startled when she discovered Raisin and hissed, as well as licked her lips, which made me laugh. Like silly little Lulu would eat a kitten.

Liz loved Raisin and I hope Lulu, Francis, and Raisin all manage to get along. When Liz goes to Burning Man in California this week I'll be staying at her place to cat sit. I'm hoping the three cats get along enough that I can leave them alone together.

I'm about to head out to P-Town, eons late. Poor Tabs! I hope she's not too angry with me...

Luckily, G and Christian were able to babysit for Raisin for me this weekend. The place that Tabs and I are staying at doesn't allow pets. But after watching how much fun Raisin was having with Christian, I have a feeling Raisin's not gonna want to return home with me tomorrow night. : )

Anyway, I gotta get outta here.

I just hope I can keep my little Raisin...!!!!!

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