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Meow Meow-Mia...!

This weekend fleeeeeeeeew!

But it was a good one, just what I needed.

I decided to rename the kitten "Mia." When Mia was at Uncle C and Aunt G's, she got to play with one of their ferret's toys, this multi-colored little shiny tinsel ball. I watched her play with it before I left for P-Town and wow! That little kitty had some serious ball handling skills!

G and I made a joke about her being a soccer star and I likened her to Mia Hamm. That sparked a discussion on how the kitten seemed more like a "Mia" than a "Raisin." After a lot of thought while in P-Town and on the drive home, I decided I wanted her to be named "Mia."

The funny thing is, she seems to respond when I call out, "Miiiiiiia!" More so than when I'd say, "Raaaaaisin!" Maybe it's the tone of my voice or the sound of the name "Mia." Who knows? But whatever it is, when I call out "Miiiiia!" She comes running.

Poor Mia, though. She has conjunctivitis. The people who were taking care of her had taken her to the vet and got medicine to clear it up. It seemed like it was gone when I got her, but now it looks like it's returned. Plus she's got this sneeze, so G thinks she may have a minor cold. If it doesn't improve, I'm going to run her to the vet on Thursday or Friday.

Anyway, I'm horribly attached to little Mia. She's absolutely beautiful. Last night we went to bed the same way we did on Friday night: me on the right, she on the left. Heh, when Monica gets here I hope Mia doesn't feel put out when she has to share. : )

Mia woke up at 5:45 a.m. and was so playful. Ordinarily that would be fine because I'm typically up at 5:00 a.m. (or will be) to prep for the gym. But since I ended up running for an hour yesterday morning and doing a 2.5+ hour ride with Christian in the evening, I wanted my sleep.

So I dragged my butt out of bed, got her some food and water, waited for her to eat, then showed her where her litter box was, which was next to the toilet in the bathroom. (I'm trying to eventually toilet train her) Then I crawled back into bed until 7:00.

Hee hee, she must have wore herself out playing. I got out of the shower and called her, but no little Mia came running. I finally saw her peeking out of my duffel bag, which I'd thrown on my bedroom floor after P-Town last night. She nestled herself under one side and had gone to sleep, but looked out when I called her. As soon as knew I that I saw where she was, she went back to sleep. I didn't bother to wake her when I left for the day.

AUGH! she's my little baby! It was so hard to leave. Is this what it's like when Mom's drop their kids at pre-school for the first time?? : )

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