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A lot of love to give...

I had no idea how much of an impact adopting a baby animal would have on me. I swear, I feel like I have a child. Last night I got home from work, ran up the stairs calling, "Miiiiiaaaa!!" Within seconds Mia came streaking into the hallway, skidding on the shiny hardwood floors, tail waving. I scooped her up, rubbed noses with her, then proceeded to chase her around.

Then G accompanied me on a little trip to PetSmart where I spent this month's telephone and cell phone bill's money on kitten supplies. (Eh, Verizon and SprintPCS can wait...)

After I got home I fed Mia her new specialty food that, according to G, will help her to grow up strong and healthy. Then we played some more, mostly with her new shiny tinsel balls, until we got too tired.

I love what's seemingly becoming our nightly routine: I brush my teeth and wash my face while she takes a trip behind the toilet to the litter box. Then we both get in bed, I turn out the lights, and we play a little more in the bed. (Mostly her pouncing my hands and me flipping her over and rubbing her belly)

Then I retire to the right side of the bed, she the left. After she drifts off to sleep, I cover her little body from the neck down with the sheet and join her in dreamland.

I think I've finally met my match as far as early risers go. She was up before 5:00, so I let her down to the floor so she could run around. I suppose she got tired again and wanted to get back in bed because around 5:30 I jumped up after hearing, "THUD!"

Poor Mia. She's still a little too small to make the jump from the floor to the high Quadrant bed. Typically she leaps, then latches onto the comforter and climbs up. But since I was hot, I'd kicked the covers off, so little Mia had nothing to sink her claws into and fell on the floor.

I peeked over the side of the bed to see her little sad eyes peering up at me. Her mouth opened and out came a little high-pitched squeak.

"Ohhhh, Mia!" I lifted her into the bed and we dozed again until I had to rise for work.

Leaving the house was soooo hard this morning! The whole time I was getting ready, Mia kept following me around, trying to walk between my feet. (This meant I kept tripping over her) As I walked down the stairs to leave the house, Mia watched me, her little mouth squeaking mews that said, "Wait, you forgot me..."


On that note, I'm OUTTA HERE! Little Mia's waiting for me...! : )

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