Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

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A kitty after my own heart...

Um, yeah, I think Mia and I were destined for one another. I noticed that Mia does not like to really sit long enough to be scratched or petted. After watching her take a flying leap off of my shoulder earlier and land with an arch to her back that even made me sore to watch, I decided to see if she'd like a little massage.

Whoa, did she ever!

That kitten was putty in my hands. She started out on my thigh, then turned so that her front paws were on my upper chest and she was looking in my eyes. Next thing I knew, she was purring louder than ever and her eyes slowly began to close.

Hee hee hee... nothing's too good for my little Mia. No cat of mine gets a mere petting, no siree, just deep tissue (fur?) massage...
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