Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Survey Sez...

Ahh... an old-fashioned e-mail survey. I typically delete these, but decided "what the hell..."

Age: 24

Gender: F

Straight/Gay/Bi: Bi

Married/Single: single (sort of)

Age You Lost "It": 19

How Many Victims?: 6
How Long It's Been: 1 day

What You're Wearing Right Now: Khaki drawstring pants, black tank top

Body Part You're Touching Right Now: cheek

For the following questions:
Have you or Would you?

Anal? Have not. Maybe..

Swallow? Have not. Probably not...

69? Have.

Phone sex? Have not. Would not. (much prefer the real thing)

Cyber Sex? Have not. Would not. (see previous question)

Spank(ed)? Have.

Whip(ped)? Have not. Would not...
Blindfolded? Have not. Probably would...

Tied Up? Have.

Candle Wax? Have not. Absolutely would not...

Nipple Clamps? Have not. Would not...

Groupie? Have not. Probably would, depends...

Voyeurism? Have not. Would...

Threesome? Have.

Been caught masturbating? Have not. Hopefully never will.

Been caught masturbating in public? Have not. Would not.

Had sex in front of people without them ever knowing it? Have not. Probably not.

Farted during 69? Have not. Hope to never. (ick)

Paid for sex? Hell no. Never would.

Fuck drunk? Have.

Fuck a complete stranger? Have not. Would not.

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