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"Whoa-- WHERE ARE THE BRAKES...?!?!?"

So I've discovered my newest tech passion. I used to be "in love" with telecoms, but fell out of interest when I left M/ST. Not sure why, but I stopped trying to learn about the industry and thought I was simply losing interest in technology altogether.

Over the course of the last 8 months since leaving M/ST I've had my hands in a number of practices, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Managed Services, Web Services, Streaming Media, and on and on. Nothing got me excited.

Until now. I've landed on my latest account, a Data Asset Management company. And I can't say I really know why I'm so into this stuff. Perhaps it was because I've been in past situations where this type of technology could have had a major impact. (Like when I worked for the evil television station as an intern. I often made deliveries or pick-ups from their HUGE warehouse that stored an infinite amount of tapes. These days, due to DAM solutions, poor interns who have the miserable CO-OP job like I had no longer have to drive a WBZ company Cadillac that you could barely see over the steering wheel of in heavy snow through the 'hoods of Roxbury and Dorchester and manage to get horribly lost, having people leer at you, obviously wondering why a white girl was driving what could have been a pimp-mobile, then getting yelled at by a power-trippy manager when you eventually did make your way back to the station...)

So, now that I'm totally into the technology of my client, which happens to be a very LARGE account with a LOT of activity, not to mention my other account, which is even larger and has just as much activity, I'm overly busy. I've been taking a lot of work home with me, mostly to help educate myself on both of these companies. But there's still items I bring home that are tough, like analysis of info. pertaining to the company itself, the products, and the like, which leads to my staying up even later than I usually do. Plus I'm also getting up very early to either try to get a workout in or get to the office early. It's tough. But it's a part of my industry. Oh well.

Still... I just feel like my days are a constant avalanche of activity and before I know it, the workday is over and I find myself with assignments to finish late at night. Heh, perhaps I'm lucky that Monica lives so far away... I'd either not be able to dedicate enough time to her or do the total opposite and cause my work performance to suffer.

Speaking of the "godess" herself, I can't wait until she gets here! I'm going to try and see about getting a couple days off while she's visiting. Or, since there's so much activity happening with my two accounts, maybe half days. I absolutely can't imagine having her here and not being able to see her for a good chunk of the day.

And I guess the silver-lining to all of this craziness at work is that, 1- I'm employed and not homeless. 2- It's speeding me through the days and before I know it, I'll be holding her close to me and telling her, "I love you...," while looking into her beautiful eyes and seeing what I feel for her reflected back at me...

Ahhh... I'm starting to feel better now...

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