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Mentor: "The Perfect Fitting Puzzle Piece..."

Like M/ST, GC has a Mentoring Program. Basically you are given a list of the Senior Management who are available to fill the role of being your mentor. When I'd received the list a few weeks ago, I was psyched at who I saw on the list. This woman, J, who had been one of the people to initially interview me back in February.

I immediately responded to the committee and said, "Dibs on J...!" YES! They said that she was still available and that they would notify her of her new mentoree. Wheeee!

I had gotten a great vibe from her the moment we met. Her background is in broadcasting, which I thought was pretty neat, given my brief stint in that industry. But there are a lot of reasons why I am excited that she's my mentor... she's very energetic, responsive, friendly, and is a walking example of what GC prides their reputation on. An excellent role model for me.

But here's something else: she wasn't with GC right from when it opened its doors in '99, like most of the employees were. She came in about a year ago (or less). Now, I thought it was tough joining up on a "mid level." But imagine coming in from a completely different industry and trying to fill the role of a Manager. Not easy. It's tough to gain respect and be taken seriously when you're "shuffled into a well-settled deck."

I admire that she had the courage and the strength to do that. And I let her know this when we had our "Mentor-Mentoree Lunch" this past Tuesday. She's pretty cool and I'm proud to have someone like her behind me.

I shared with her my initial woes and trouble points that I'd hit when I first began. She definitely was able to relate, so it was a good feeling to finally be able to share my experiences with someone who truly understood where I was coming from. I didn't feel quite so "alone" after we had our lunch. : )

Anyway, I really feel like things are coming together for me at GC. Yes, it's absolutely crazed, but I'm starting to get into the groove. I also feel I'm starting to slowly earn the respect of my Managers / VP's.


Now if only I could get more sleep...

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