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Hissssss!! Hisssssss!!

Liz is away at Burning Man in CA and before I'd gotten Mia I'd agreed to stay at her place top take care of Lulu and Francis. Since she was going away for 4 days, we decided that it'd be easier if I just stayed there, rather than bring the cats to my house.

Because I've been so busy and Liz lives 25 min. away, I haven't really been able to get over there to stay. I've merely been dropping by or having Chris go over and feed them.

Today, since I'm so sick, I haven't really done much. I helped Tara, my friend from GC, move her mattresses again, then had lunch with her at Low Fat No Fat, then went home to take Mia to Liz's with me to play with Lulu and Francis.

I was excited because this was to be the first time I tried putting Mia on her leash. How funny!! Mia kept tying to chew and swat at the harness because it resembles a string, which, as we all know, she loves anything that dangles. I finally got it on her and we went outside.

Aside from trying to play with the leash, Mia was fine! She was so curious about everything. Lately she's taken to approaching everything as though she was stalking it. She'd see a leaf on the sidewalk, get down low, fold her ears back, then creep forward before pouncing on it.

She didn't quite get the hang of walking with me, so if I tried to call her or gently tug on the leash to get her to come, she'd lay down on the sidewalk. And if I got closer, she'd roll over onto her back to play.

Finally I picked her up and we got in the car. Mia's pretty used to the car, so we got to Liz's without incident. When we got into Liz's place, I called to Lulu and Francis while walking up the stairs. They both came running, Francis meowing up a storm. When I got to the top and entered the room, Francis and Lulu backed up, having seen Mia in my arms.

I put Mia down, removed her leash, and petted Francis. Francis meowed, but as Mia began to walk, Francis leaned down and hissed at Mia. Mia, all set to play, was so confused. Then she walked closer to Francis, waving her tail. Francis, hissing again, took a swipe at Mia with her paw.

I jumped right in between them, scooping up Mia. Francis looked at me, meowed, and rubbed against my legs, wanting to be petted. Sitting down with Mia in my lap, I petted Francis, then let Mia walk off in the other direction.

Lulu, who had been watching from a distance, went under Liz's bed, turning around to hiss at Mia. Yipes. This wasn't going too well.

After about 20 minutes of trying to pet Francis, play with Mia, and coax Lulu out of hiding, I finally gave it up. Especially when I went over to Lulu, tried to pet her and had to immediately withdraw my hand as she hissed at me, growled and turned her back on me. Augh! I was so bummed! Lulu was mad at me!

Dejected, I put Mia back into her little harness and leash and left. Before going to the car, I let Mia run around in the grass. Way cute! Mia wouldn't just run, she was bounding around like I'd never seen before!

Now we're home in my office, me feeling like crap, and Mia passed out from all the excitement on top of a pile of bills.

Yesterday I had Allegra prescribed to me. Because I'm sick, my body's defenses are way down. Everything is aggravating my cold... Mia, dust, Lulu and Francis... doesn't matter. So I've been taking Allegra, which has been great. Despite feeling crappy, I am feeling a lot better than yesterday before I'd started on the Allegra. Now I just have a stuffy nose and cough, rather than the itchy eyes and rash that was going on top of it.

Being sick is worse than last time, though. Today's weather is perfect for everything. I wanted to go biking more than anything else. But I can't even climb the stairs without coughing. So instead, I'm off to go take a nap.


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