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Perhaps in poor taste, but...

When many people are in their darkest hour, they tend to turn to Jesus, begging Him for His help, guidance, or strength. Being the Catholic that I am, I do the same thing. However, I do not attend church because of the lovely things that have been said about gays, particularly by this guy who claims to love *everyone*. And, no, I don't want to be "forgiven," I want to be accepted for *me* as I am.

Anyway, wow, I just managed a little rant, didn't I? Well, the point of what I was saying is that in my times of crisis or just when I'm overwhlemed, I merely look for a good laugh. And who says you can't turn to Jesus for that as well?

Thanks to Andrea, I now have book marked my new favorite site that's guranteed to make me smile in my true times of need. Perhaps it'll make you smile, too, who knows?

Take a look at J2K.1...
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