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Kitty Korner Komber... How Marvelously Klever...!

Between the combination of my being sick, having my symptoms aggravated by allergies, the "laundry list" of cat-owner to-do's from MizDarkGirl, and my need to be productive, I cleaned my office.

Now, this is nothing to sneeze at! (pun intended, har har) My office was TRASHED. Basically since the day I moved in. Stuff everywhere. The biggest task was organizing ALL of my bill stubs and receipts into month-order. I keep a binder for every year.

But I grew lax when I moved here. So with each new month, I'd throw the bills onto a pile in the corner. This pile became a small mountain. Lulu, Francis, and up until today, Mia LOVED to roll in it. Imagine a pile that's been accumulating since I moved here (November 2000) that probably had a ton of dust and hair from 3 different cats! An allergy enhancer waiting to happen.

Well! Can we just say that this project took me 5.5 hours????????? And the bills were so dusty and dirty. I'm surprised I didn't pass out from all the wheezing. As the commercial went "Ahhhh... Allegra...!"

After I finished organizing everything, I recycled a lot of unneeded items. Whoa! Next thing, I vacuumed. My office now echoes! Who knew such filth and paper could trap sound?

Anyway, now that the office spic and span, I assembled this nifty little item I'd bought to help in minimizing Mia's future hairballs. It's called the Kitty Korner Komber. You stick catnip in it and then attach it to a wall's corner that comes out. It has two sides for each side of the wall and is covered in little bristles. So supposedly Mia will love it so much, she'll rub against it, the comb's bristles will catch her hair, reducing the amount of hair that she swallows and, in turn, would yak up.

Pretty Klever, eh??

Anyway, in all of this Kitty Kleaning excitement, I totally forgot about biking with Christian! Dammit. I could use the lung-liberating exercise. Perhaps I can convince him to ride tomorrow?

Anyway, I'm off to shower, take Mia out on her leash to play in the yard, then tend to Lulu and Francis. And yes, after the "Hiss Fest" of yesterday, Mia will not be joining me on this evening's visit...

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