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Kitty Astrology!

Check it out! Mia gets a weekly horoscope! Er, I get a horoscope about her. She's a Leo, the perfect match for a Sagittarius...!

Your Horoscope

This Week: 09/03/01 - 09/09/01


A cautious attitude could mark your pet on Monday. Don't be surprised by some suspicious pawing at unfamiliar objects or lurking around the front door listening to the noises outside. When not on sentry duty, your pet is content to curl up in a quiet place and doze. The household atmosphere is likely to be less placid Tuesday through Thursday. Your pet is itching to get beyond the four walls and see the sights. It will be particularly amenable to unfamiliar surroundings where it can sniff and scuffle to its heart's delight. You'll see some stubbornness Friday and Saturday, but you can easily handle it by tempting your resistant friend with a tasty morsel and a hug around the neck. On Sunday, your pet treats you like its best friend -- and you are.

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