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I've never been a "girlie girl." The biggest indicator of this is my inability to scream. Even as a little kid when someone would scare the sh*t out of me, the best I could do was an, "Aghhhhh!"

This fact was reaffirmed because over the weekend Kris and I went to Six Flags New England. It's been a few years since I'd been to an amusement park. I had been visiting Six Flags Great Adventure since I was 7 years old, but stopped once I'd gone off to college when I was 17. Despite the fact that it's been so long, I haven't outgrown the desire to ride rollercoasters that threw me round like a rag doll.

Since this park was a Six Flags brand, I thought it'd be as big and crazy as Great Adventure, but no such luck. Despite that, there were a couple of rides that got my less than girlie "Aggghhhhhh!" to come out. Especially the "Superman Ride of Steel." The line took just under 2 hours, but well worth the wait! We even waited an extra 10 minutes so we could be in the front row.

Towards the end of the evening, Kris and I decided we had to play a game against each other. We are WAY competitive! Kris had her eye on a big green alien that was dressed in a purple wizard robe. We played this game where you had to wack these multi-colored gophers. The first person to hit 150 points wins.

Naturally I hit 150 points first, (heh heh) so I won Kris the alien. This green little guy is SO Kris! We posed for a picture with him, which I will post once I get the film developed. (Kris, have you named him yet?)

Anyway, it was a day packed with fun and a lot of childhood flashbacks... especially when I ate showlace licorice and pink cotton candy...!!!

Even the drive home was an adventure... a guy red Jeep Grand Cherokee unsisted on playing "tag / leap frog" with us... trying to see who could effectively get in front of the other and keep the other from catching up.

it was way funny and cut out travel time down from an hour and 45 min. to an hour and 20 min. Go yellow seXterra...!!

Hee hee hee...

Ans, alas, here I sit at work, yet again. Bleh...

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