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Quite puny in the grand scheme of things...

How insane. I was sitting at my desk in Boston, absolutely flipping out because I had received a phone call from a Senior Manager, asking what my schedule was like so she and I could talk. That couldn't be good, of course.

Then I get AOL Instant Messages from my good friend Mike in NY, saying, "Did you hear?? A plane hit the World Trade Center!"

I said, "OMG!"

Then he kept giving me the play-by-play as everything happened. The freaky thing was talking to my Dad right after the second plane hit. He actually watched it and told me that one of his associates came in a little while after the second plane, saying he was close enough that he saw people jumping out of the building on fire. I guess that's better than burning alive. I can't even begin to imagine, in the SLIGHTEST, how I'd conduct myself in any situation like that.

Needless to say, my Manager cancelled our meeting. But she's got me freaked out in the back of my mind. Why do people have to do that?? I can't even imagine what I did this time.

My poor Dad's stuck in NYC. He's got a lung disease (doesn't even smoke), a rare one where his white blood cells attack his lungs, despite nothing wrong. Pollution, smoke, et al affect him, so he can't leave his offices at all. All that dust and smoke would do him in.

You know we're going to war sometime soon. It's a given.

It's funny, when I hear George W. Bush speak, I just watch, no real emotion. But Tony Blair got on today and issued a statement that brought tears to my eyes. I have always admired him. You know he's genuine and sincere. What hit me most of all was when he said, "This is not just the U.S. against Terrorism. It's our Democracy and our Freedom against Terrorism. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with our American friends and fight this..."

I wish our country had a leader like him.

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