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Leave it to Mia...

My little Mia's growing up...! She's almost 8 weeks now and, surprisingly, full of even more energy than I ever imagined. I mean, even at 4 weeks she was bouncy and leaping around. So I didn't really think she'd have more energy than that because it was such a high level even then.

Now she's discovered she's big enough to climb down the stairs, which opens up even more of a playground for her. This morning I was gathering up the trash to put out onto the curb when I suddenly saw a black streak zip by the kitchen doorway. Mia!

And boy was she proud of herself. She wasn't running, she was "skipping," each step a leap about a foot in the air. I shook my head, grinning. Leave it to Mia to make me smile after such a grim night.

I settled onto the couch to watch the Today show, eating my breakfast. I startedzA hearing a "Skritch Skritch" noise. "Mia..." I said, figuring she was climbing the back of the couch.

As the "Skritch Skritch" noise got louder and closer, I reached behind me to catch her. But no Mia. I felt the couch moving, but didn't feel my cat where the noise and movement were coming from.

I turned around and knelt on the couch to look behind. I saw little lumps popping out of the back of the couch. Mia got INSIDE!!

"Mia!" I laughed. "Come out of there!"

The "Skritch Skritch" and lumps moved lower and lower until finally Mia's little head popped out from under the couch. She looked up and blinked her little innocent eyes at me. Then she sprang out from underneathe and began skipping around the living room.

Ahhh... my furry little toddler...

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