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...I finally heard from Monica, who's still in Europe, via e-mail:

"Original Message:
From: monica
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 18:14:19 +0000
Subject: guess who

things are really shitty here. call Kim she´ll fill you in. her number is 773-***-**** at work and at home it is 773-***-****.
i don´t have too much time to talk but i don´t know if i will be back in time to go to see you...
how are you sweetie? are you okay? I am so horrified by all of this!!
Please write to me and tell me how you are. Take some time, i don´t want a paragraph, I need to really hear from you, i love you and hope you are well. I send prayers for you, your family and friends.
I love you. please call kim and write me soon."

I figured there'd be issues around her coming to visit in light of all this. It makes me very, very sad. But I'm so glad she's okay over there. That's all that matters.

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