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"Her Dad's been bleeding, but was trying to hide it..."

So I finally got ahold of Monica's bandmate, Kim. Whoa. Things are NOT okay for Monica. When the whole NYC nightmare went down, Monica was in Morocco. Kim is pretty sure that Monica and her Dad are still there. They were cautioned not to speak English in public. And Kim said Monica was horrified how the people were dancing and cheering the attacks on the U.S.

But worse yet, Monica may not be returning to the U.S. for a while. Apparently her Dad's been sick and has been trying to hide it. Kim said that Monica noticed blood all over the back of her Father's pants and asked him about it. He finally admitted he's been having bad rectal bleeding.

I nearly dropped the phone. That's a typical sign of colon cancer. You don't screw around with that. So they're trying to get to Spain to see about getting him into a hospital.

Both Kim and I are very worried. Kim's her best friend and we both love her to pieces. We have no way of getting ahold of her, except via e-mail, which she can only check sporadically via cyber cafes.

So we don't know where she is or what's happening. I can't stop thinking about her...
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