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"Praying Against the U.S."

This report bothers me:

"Taliban Threatens U.S.
September 14, 2001 8:10 am EST

Afghan Muslim Religious Leaders Call For Prayers Friday Against U.S.

SEPT. 14, 2001 (CBS News) - A top official in Afghanistan is warning there will be revenge if the United States attacks his country, while at the same time Taliban religious leaders there are calling upon Muslims to unite in their own day of prayer Friday-- against the U.S."

Pray against the U.S.?? This is what I don't get: isn't religion supposed to be based on ways of love? Regardless of what you call the being that you worhip: God, Allah, The Universe, whatever-- no matter what name you choose, we all are referring to the same "higher power."

So how could you pray against someone? Maybe if you prayed along the lines of, "Dear (insert being here), I pray that you save us from harm, please don't let the U.S. hurt us..."

But praying against the U.S.? What kind of request is that? "Dear (being), please let the U.S. be visited by the bubonic plague..."

Duh. That's not what religion is about. Not from everything I've read about the different ways of worship that exist in the world...

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