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Hyperactive Kitty...

Ahhh! My little Mia's hit the "Terrible Two's." She just turned 2 months old yesterday. She's longer, as cute as ever, and wilder.

So, calling all cat owners!!! Help!!!

Probably this was my own fault, but since I've gotten Mia, she's loved to wrestle. So she'll pounce on my hand, bite on it, wrap her legs around it and my arm, and just roll around. It was always fun, she never bit hard, her claws weren't sharp.

But now, her adult teeth have grown in, her claws are QUITE sharp, and she seems to have morphed into some sort of hybrid cross between a flying squirrel and kangaroo.
I have cuts all over my arms, legs, lips, and chin. To her, nothing's changed. She's playing just like always. To me, I look like someone that takes frequent nose dives through a rose bush.

So, I decided it's time to start the discipline. Since she's not exactly a toddler that I can explain, "Ow, Mia. Mommy doesn't like it when you nearly give her a lip piercing...," I need to exercise means that will get through to her.

I've tried the water gun. When she bites, I say sternly, "Mia, NO!," then squirt. She licks herself, then resumes, her tail waving harder. I think she thinks it's a new level in the game!

So I'm pleading with you all: How do I get through to little Mia?? My body can't take the beating...

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