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This Week's Horoscope

Hmmm... and it's Pride week no less...

This Week: 06/04/01 - 06/10/01


Lost in dreams, you coast through Monday, Sag, and most of those dreams concern your love life. Why does it always seem to be better in your imagination than it is in reality?

Some of those dreams come true on Tuesday and Wednesday, though. Filled with happiness and self-confidence, you draw even more strength and joy from the love of a committed partner or the interest of a new love.

You and your partner may need to have the 'money talk' on Thursday and Friday to bring spending in line with income, but once that situation is resolved, the weekend is wide open for you to get out and have some real fun. Accept any party invitations that come your way. Go ahead and dress to the nines. It will make the event even more special.

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