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Teasing the Cat...

So, Mia's become quite fascintated with my computer. Typically she'll climb my chair and leap onto my back to get my attention. Cute when she was smaller, still cute now, except that these days she digs her claws into my back, leaving little holes. (ow)

While prancing around my desk, she suddenly discovered the link between my hand movements on the keyboard and mouse with the movements on the screen. This morning she sat right in front of the monitor for a good 20 minutes, swatting at the mouse cursor.

Giggling, I went to the Dancing Bush website. For about 10 minutes, Mia tried to tackle dear old George W. Finally she got bored and went off to wrestle with my running sneakers.

Mean? Probably, but it was funny. It doesn't take much to entertain me on a Sunday morning.
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